Monday, October 24, 2011

Office Art!

One of the blogs i follow is Creature Comforts and last week she shared a post about this wall art she made

I had been trying to think of something big, easy, and fun to do in Jim's boring office and this seemed perfect.  Up close it looks like a bunch of dots, 

but if you take a few steps back, you get this

When I printed it out, I got a little worried because each page looks like a random bunch of dots, but when I put it together I couldn't believe how defined it looked.  The wood grain in the floor even shows up.  Sweeter than I expected.  You can make your own here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bedroom Rearrangement

After posting yesterday's entry about the bedroom, I decided to do a little furniture rearrangement.

I think I like it better.  Here's what it looked like yesterday:

What do you think?  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bedroom Curtains

When we bought our house, the previous owner left her custom made valances in nearly every room.  Beautiful and well-made, but totally not our style.  



We decided to be cheap and tried out the DIGNITET curtain rods from Ikea.  Totally impossible to hang them without drooping.  : (

For now, we're happy to have the room a little lighter and airier.  Looking forward to getting some new curtains and a real rod someday.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fabric Art

Yesterday, I made another piece of art for the living room using a piece of fabric I bought on etsy and a 3'x4' piece of plywood I bought at Lowes.

I started by drilling two screws into the back of the plywood.

 Then I stapled on the fabric.

Next, I attached a few pieces of string to the screws

And hung it up!

I think maybe it's a little too high?  We'll see how it looks when the curtains are done.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spray Paint Art

Recently, looking for pillows to accent our living room, I became inspired by this pillow I found at CB2 

and this spray paint pillow tutorial I found on Pinterest

What resulted was something way different and not even pillows.  My friend Clara came over on Saturday to partake.  

Here's what we made:

Pretty sweet, right?  

The deer pictures were created using a stencil I made by googling for "deer silhouette" and then using the projector at work to trace the image onto a large piece of scrap paper.  Clara's were created by simply putting down a few strips of painter's tape.

We put down a large cardboard box (from the chaise we'd bought earlier that day) and got to spraying.

The canvases were $20 for a pack of 5 at Michael's Craft Store and the rest of the supplies came from my dad's house.  So for eight bucks (get it? "bucks"), I got some nice looking art to go in our styin' new living room.

I also grabbed those pretty plants from Lowe's yesterday.  The pots plus the plants were less than 15 dollars each.  What a deal!  

So now our pretty drab fire place has got a little life.  phew.  

Now back to finding some  pillows...

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Living Room Before and After

This past Saturday marked the 2-month anniversary of owning our home.  We decided to celebrate with a monster trip to IKEA to help spruce up our living room. 

We got...
Much better already.  See...

Obviously if I'm going to continue blogging about my house, I'll need a better camera, but you get the idea.  

Main things: TV isn't blocking the fire place.  Jim and I can both lay down to watch it.  PLUS we can see it from the kitchen now!

Still needs plants, curtains, art, a prettier ceiling fan, etc.  But good start, right?  

We're like real people now.